'for a better York'

The Bootham Crescent Ground
and York City Football Club

York City may close on the 18th January - The Administrator of York City FC

Environmental impact of moving a football stadium - Geoff Beacon

What would happen to a "Phoenix" club? - Man at the FA

The drop down did us good. - Manchester City Fans

Compulsory purchase a possibility. - Cllr Brumby, Chair of York Planning Committee

I would not like it but... - Ian Sanderson, York City Fan

I would buy a season ticket for a replacement club. - Marcus Cerny, York City Fan

Email to all York councillors. - Geoff Beacon

...don't hold your breath - Cllr. Q. Macdonald

I think it highly unlikely ... - Cllr. J. Galvin

Sombody has to cut the Ghordian knot ... - Cllr. D. Wilde

... best placed within the heart of communities - Lisa, local resident

'My club's now trendy flats' - Lucy Pieroni

'We should be told' - Ian Savage, Friends of Bootham Crescent

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