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08dec00: Lisa Benton, Artist.
Lisa Benton Lisa Benton is an artist who has ...
Here she is
working on a
commission for
St Gobain ...
..with some views ...
..of work in progress.

08dec00: Echo, the Poet.
Echo is editor of Bluepoets, a poetry web-site (www.bluepoets.faxfn.org). But she is a poet in her own right.

The Rebel

Her daffodils grow in regimented lines. Planted
With a setsquare, they stand to attention
In the morning sun. Each head turning respectfully
Towards her polished bay window. The perfect
Square lawn, snipped daily by pristine shears,
Dares not encroach an inch into the patio area.

She turns out each daybreak, slipping spotless
Hands into the best gardening gloves, bristling
With severity. She twirls the military whiskers
Of her mind, as she snaps off the head of a limp
Petunia. Bending down, she tilts at an acute angle.
A tulip, cowering under the protection of the stone

Wall, is aware of its error. As she marches across
Rigid grass and glares at the trembling flower, it strains
Madly, doing its best to grow in a southerly direction.
Her eyes dart about seeking further rebels. A snowdrop,
Having secretly plotted to grow above the acceptable
Height guidelines for its species, drops dead of fright.

Editor: Angie Towse

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