'for a better York'

York.TownPlan.Org has been established to create a larger public awareness of proposed and past town developments.

York is a rapidly changing city - new developments seem to happen overnight. Often too quick for public opinion to be properly taken into account, despite the best efforts of the planners.

York.TownPlan.Org wants greater public participation which will help our planners to make decisions guided by the informed views of York citizens.

York.TownPlan.Org will keep up to date with the issues in and around York and will be a repository of information which will be more accessible (albeit less extensive) than queuing at the counter in St Leonards Place. You will find numerous issues will be presented on this site and we will be ready to respond to your opinions and requests.

The usefulness of York.TownPlan.Org will be in proportion to the response we receive from yourselves, the citizens of York. Immediate issues to be highlighted will be planning aspects of

- Pollution
- Traffic congestion
- Housing
- Shopping
- Access to the countryside
York.Townplan.org is starting at a time when important planning events are happening in York: the public enquiry into the Town Plan, the revision of the Coppergate II development, new shopping at James Street and University expansion.

Our aim is to establish stronger links between the planners and the public and provide a show place where plans are bought more into the open where they can invite objections or suggestions for improvements.

We will focus on community spirit and efforts towards broadening it and look at the cultural and social activities on offer in York. York provides a microcosm of tourist attractions but, with some encouraging exceptions, fun and culture in York seem amateurish. Now we don't even have an Arts Centre!

Angie Towse, (Editor)