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The Friends of Bootham Crescent's website
"The Friends of Bootham Crescent (FoBC) formed in the autumn of 2002 in response to concerns over the future of Bootham Crescent, the home of York City football club. We believe that the club's ground should be protected from redevelopment, at least until a viable alternative stadium has been approved and built."

Castle Area Campaign in the City of York
"The Castle Area Campaign Group is made up of ordinary citizens of York who are fighting to stop the building of the Coppergate II shopping mall next to the ancient monument of Clifford's Tower and the Castle Museum in York, England."

York Tomorrow
"York Tomorrow has a vision for the Castle Car Park next to Clifford's Tower in York. Aiming to release the ancient monument from the congestion and pollution of the car park, York Tomorrow proposes to provide a public open space, a green park, as an asset for York's citizens and visitors here in the heart of our compact city."

Cliffords Tower, York
"For the sheer drama of its setting, and its chequered history there is little in York to rival Clifford's Tower."

Cliffords Tower, Online Petition
"Attention - Cliffords Tower is in danger of being spoiled forever by new nevelopment. Click here to learn what you can do to help."

"Her daffodils grow in regimented lines. Planted With a setsquare, they stand to attention In the morning sun." - Echo

Trevor Wishart's Website
Trevor is an internationally known composer based in York. His most recent work was an opera with Max Couper on barges outside the Houses of Parliament. It got very good reviews in the posh papers.

Castle Howard
A quiet walk in the country.
A very nice place to calm down.
(And we know the webmaster!)

A site which discusses public policy which is 'listening to experience' It started out challenging conventional wisdom on unemployment - but has diversified into a platform for unheard voices. It is dedicated to listening to people who really know the score, people with knowledge and experience of real life. They ask the questions the system sweeps under the carpet.

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